Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shop MIG Online

Hey MIG followers! I know there aren't too many of you out there (yet), but I'm giving you a sneak peak as to what is going on at the current moment.

We had a t-shirt contest a few weeks (months?) ago, and while it has taken myself and the designer a little bit of time to get the store going and get a design that would work on the t-shirt to work, the MIG store is officially open for business on

If this is the design you voted on and were hoping for, buy away! If you are looking for one of the other designs, be patient, I'll be adding more options daily!

If you can't see the t-shirts below, you can just use this link to visit the store:

Friday, May 15, 2009

Vote for your Favorite: MIG T-Shirt

Make sure you vote in the poll for your favorite MIG T-Shirt!

Voting ends Saturday, May 30th!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

T-Shirt Logo Contest!

We need a logo for the shirts/store merchandise (still haven't figured out exactly how we're doing it), and I KNOW that there a ton of talented girls out there (and I am not one of them), so we are looking to the talent of our members to make this a really great project!

What do you have to do? Create a logo! All entries should be emailed to Please do NOT include the website URL in the design.  
You have one month, until MAY 7th at 10PM to submit your designs.  

The winner will be chosen by public vote! The winner will get a free t-shirt with their design (if we choose to feature more than one design as an option, the winner who gets the most votes will get the free shirt).  

*Also, this *should* go without saying, but if we find out that you are recruiting your friends to vote for your submission, you will be disqualified, please play fair.*

I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Separation and Divorce Support Group

We recently had a request to make a separate usergroup and forum for those ladies who are going through (or have gone through) a separation and/or divorce.  

You can join this group the same way you join other groups: 
User CP>Group Memberships>Join Group  

This will give you access to the Separation and Divorce Support Group forum.  

You do not have the option to be identified as being a part of this group, your current primary identification will remain.  

I hope this is helpful!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Hey girls! 

For those of you who have been here for awhile...superlatives are back! And for those of you who haven't...well...we're doing superlatives!

I really want to thank Erika, for suggesting we get this program off the ground again, and Renae, for setting up a kickass form that we are using for the voting. 

These are the February superlatives, and hopefully we can do a round every month. You can find the link to Renae's voting form in this post:

I hope everyone gets involved with this, it has been a really fun program in the past!

Saturday, January 17, 2009



Sorry for the downtime. I noticed the problem last night, tried to get to other diagnostic websites I can use. They were all down. I contacted support and they notified me it was a hardware problem. They dispatched techs to the datacenter to fix the problem. I believe the problem was fixed, and I noticed the site was down again this morning. The http service was not up. I contacted them again and they decided to move us to a new server. We shouldn't have too many problems now, and I apologize for the downtime, the situation was out of my control.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Moderator!

Hello ladies! 

I know I am a little late posting it on here, but I am very excited to announce the newest member of team moderating team:

Erika! (hunniebnchsfoats)

Check out her introduction in the Admin and Mod Team forum.  

Additionally, if you feel like you don't know any of the mods or administrators on the site, feel free to poke around the forum, as most of us have recently updated out introductions!