Thursday, January 8, 2009

Premium Membership Update

I want to thank everyone who is a Premium Member.  Without you girls we probably wouldn't have been able to get the site back up and running, so we really do appreciate it.  

If you are a Premium Member, you already know that you get access to the "Premium Member" forum, as well as"Pillow Talk" forum by becoming a member.  You also get more PM storage.  

One change that we have made to the Premium Membership recently, is that now only Premium Members have the ability to be "invisible".  Invisible mode allows you to be on the forum without other members knowing you are online.  

The cost of a Premium Membership it is currently $10 for one year and $20 for two years.  To sign up to be a Premium Member, go to User CP > Miscellaneous > Paid Subscriptions.  

We do appreciate all the Premium Memberships, as well as sponsorships, we couldn't do it without you girls!  

Don't forget to sign up for Secret Sister!!  

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