Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Social Groups

This post is from our Moderator Jenny (jenny05)  

Ladies, we have a few new features on MIG since the software upgrade... I wanted to share one with you, it is located in your User CP and is called "Social Groups"

Basically, you can use this to create your own groups like we have "Army, Navy" but they can be more specific, like "University of Georgia Football Fans." Or anything you can think of :) The groups you join will show up on your user profile.

The page will have a message board and a place to post photos. I think you can create them and they can be public or private groups. I'm not really sure how that will work though, so we may all be able to see the title of the group.

Moderators do have the power to delete any groups that we feel are inappropriate, so let's keep everything PG :) Thanks girls, I hope this is a fun part of the site. Just thought I'd let you know it was there!

The new software has a lot of new features that we are just learning about ourselves.  We hope to learn everything that is out there and will featuring new posts about the new software until we run out of stuff to post about!  

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