Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sign Up for Secret Sister!!

Hey girls! I've really taken everyone's input into least I think I have. A lot of you have a lot of great ideas, for themes, for how it should be run, etc. With that being said, we're going to start small. If it goes well, and more people join, we'll be able to expand it more to make it more specific, but for now, we are going to split into two groups:  

Please use your MIG screenname as your first name, so that we can identify who you are on MIG too.  

If you are single, or don't fall into either category, you can join whichever you feel is the most appropriate for you.  

We aren't going to have a specific theme, but when you follow that link, I have added all the suggestions we were given. You can make your own wishlist, and can also specifically note things that you wouldn't really appreciate.  

You must sign up by 01/15/2009.  

You must send your package AT THE LATEST by 02/07/2008.  

Remember, there will no post count requirement for this swap, but you must have been a member for at least 2 months. The way this website is set up, anyone can join, but if you have been a member for less than 2 months you WILL be removed from the swap manually. I really REALLY hope that this swap goes well. If you aren't able to follow through, please don't sign up.  

Also keep in mind that if you do not follow through this time around, not only will you be unable to participate in future swaps, but you will lose up to 1000 reputation points. If you are concerned about your package getting lost in the mail, get a delivery confirmation, so we can at least give you credit for sending it. I hate to be a stickler like this, but this is kind of the "last shot", if it doesn't go well, I don't know that we'll be able to do it again.  

Anyway, go forth and swap! And let me know if you have any problems with the elfster website:

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